Will you join a community delegation to Parliament to meet MPs on June 14?

Various Timor Sea Justice groups from around the country are travelling to Canberra on June 14th to meet with members of Parliament. Can you join us?


Update 31 May 2017: With 59 registrations of interest we're now turning off the form to allow the team time to organise the logistic. Thanks and looking forward to seeing the participants in Canberra!


Dear friends,

The good news: right now, Timor and Australia are negotiating behind closed doors to finally establish permanent maritime boundary between our nations.

The bad news: Australia has a habit of scuttling such negotiations. No boundaries means the Australian Government can continue to short-change the Timorese out of billions of oil and gas revenues.

From decades of experience, we know there's only one thing that will ensure a fair go for Timor: pressure from the Australian public.

We've been talking to MPs from all parties, and we're finding their awareness and urgency around the Timor issue is low. 

That's why groups of us from across the country from local Timor solidarity groups, faith groups and other partners - will gather in Canberra on June 14th. 

Together, we'll meet with members of Parliament, and make sure they know the value Australians place on justice and a fair go for our near neighbour. 

Can you join us? Register your interest & we'll put you in touch with the amazing team of long-time Timor justice campaigners in Canberra who are organising the day. They can even help with billeting. 

Never been to Canberra to meet with MPs before? Don't worry, it's not that intimidating and we're going to meet up the evening before (June 13th) for dinner and to discuss how it'll all work the next day.

Signing petitions, writing letters -- all are good, but there's nothing like turning up at their door in Canberra to send a message that Australians care about an issue.

So please, register your interest now and we'll get in touch.


Peter Job and Katrin Hewitt


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