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As you may have seen, the governments of Australia and Timor Leste have agreed on a framework for a new treaty that will finally establish permanent maritime boundaries between our two nations.

This is great news, but of course the devil will be in the detail.

The task at hand is to ensure the Australian Government now delivers on its promises.

Can you help us finish the job with a donation today?

With your support the Timor Sea Justice Campaign will continue to scrutinise every move and hold our Government to account.

The two countries have agreed to a framework which includes establishing permanent maritime boundaries for the first time ever. But it will also include a resource sharing agreement for the Greater Sunrise gas field which suggests the boundaries are unlikely to be placed exactly where Timor was hoping they would be according to current international law. 

The Governments are now negotiating a treaty to make the agreement a reality. Ominously, they are also seeking involvement from the oil companies.

That means the voice of the solidarity movement here in Australia over the coming months will be crucial to ensuring Timor finally gets a fair go.

We’ll be working to keep public and media attention on the negotiations and then closely follow the treaty through the parliamentary review process and will seek at every opportunity to ensure our politicians are doing the right thing by Timor.

You can help by:

  • Chipping in with a donation today to help cover the costs of our political advocacy in Canberra during the Parliamentary Committee sessions.
  • Writing to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Resource Minister Barnaby Joyce to let them know you will be watching closely whether or not they stick to their promise of setting permanent maritime boundaries.

This new agreement is a great step forward – we’re definitely getting there. However, we mustn’t count the chickens before they hatch as we’ve been in similar situations before only to see the Australian Government’s greed result in underhanded tactics and fine print that short changed the Timorese out of billions of dollars.

We cant let that happen again. Donate today by clicking here and together we’ll make sure the Australian Government finishes the job.

Thank you

Tom, Dan and Nick.


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